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We offer incredible guided Full Day and 1/2 Day Trips - each trip includes snacks or lunch, beverages and transportation to and from major strip locations.
  1. Full Day Kayak Tour $189
    Let us take you on a full-day excursion 12 miles down the beautiful Colorado River. On this tour you will experience the Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, Wildlife, cliff views and more -all with shuttle service to and from.
  2. 1/2 Day Kayak Tour $139
    Join KayakNaked on a 4 mile round-trip tour of the beautiful Black Canyon. You will arrive at Willow Beach where your guide will get you prepared for the day ahead and adjusted into your kayak! When paddling upstream into Black Canyon scan the shore line and cliffs to spot Desert Bighorn Sheep and look up for Bald Eagles fishing above the mighty Colorado River. Our first stop will be one mile upstream at a historical overlook - giving you incredible views of the clear emerald green water. We will explain the Geology of the area and the history of what the river was used for nearly 100 years ago! Finally, enjoy the beautiful green waters of Emerald Cave and Emerald Cove before we head back to Willow Beach.
  3. 1/2 Day Hike $65
    We will show you the time of your life -This one-of-a-kind experience caters to those adventurous minded individuals looking for a unique challenge and a memorable event. (Makes an excellent TEAM BUILDING activity for bonding and building trust among friends and co-workers) Whether it's scrambling deep into the canyons over creek bed boulders or climbing up massive sandstone rocks to reach the summit, this exciting activity will certainly bring out the kid in you while at the same time continuously offer you an entertaining and rewarding workout.

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